The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Portland

Flocked in glazed terra cotta, the original 15-story building was created in 1909 and served as the flagship store and headquarters for Meier & Frank, once heralded as the largest retailer west of the Mississippi. The Meier & Frank Building is a historic department store in downtown Portland, Oregon. It was originally built in 1909 by the Meier & Frank Company, one of the city’s most prominent retailers. For decades, the retail dynasty created by Aaron Meier and Sigmund Frank was a long-standing hub of commerce for Portland. This iconic monument featured the first escalator installation in Portland and, in 1922, also functioned as the studio for Meier & Frank’s very own radio station. As the premier department store in Portland, clientele often dressed up to look their very best, as this was (and still is) the place to see and be seen. At its peak, the Meier & Frank building had a pharmacy, a pet store, and a deli. Meier & Frank was also Clark Gable’s place of employment before he became a famous actor.

In 2005, the building began its transformation into a luxury hotel. The original exterior was retained, while a seven-story light-filled atrium was created to best access beautiful views and natural light. The architects created a nostalgic, modern approach infusing elements from the worlds of art and fashion, as well as, eclectic nods to the Meier & Frank’s retail past. In line with sustainable values, the building is also LEED Silver Certified.

The name “the Nines” was created in homage to the Meier & Frank Building’s roots as a beacon of “dressed to the nines” fashion. Like the original Meier & Frank, this hotel remains dedicated to providing impeccable service and an elevated experience.